3D Bathroom Rendering

A contemporary monochrome 3d bathroom rendering feature set.

The Harp team created a series of 3d bathroom renders to showcase startup brand BathVroom’s high quality black fixture set. Our team designed, modelled, textured, composed and lit the entire project from start to finish. 

Client / Designer:

3D Bathroom Rendering

high poly 3d modelling, look development, roomset design, 3d rendering, retouching


a 3d bathroom rendering of a bath in a bathroom with concrete floor and white tiles with a fern in the corner and magazine on the floor

Our approach

Whilst assessing these sleek, black, contemporary bathroom fixtures we decided we needed an equally impressive bathroom design to feature them in. Our interior design team chose a monochromatic colour scheme coupled with intricate tiling patters in order to bring out the bold, dark lines of the fixtures. Our aim, as always, was to create an aspirational space that appeals to our clients target audience. This suite of renders provided several high quality marketing assets for the client to use prior to full scale launch.

Lifestyle Product Renders

To build a display bathroom in real life, hire a stylist and photographer and then shoot the products is a logistical, environmental and financial nightmare. We are able to design, model and render full bathroom suites with multiple product shots in a fraction of the time and cost.

a 3d bathroom rendering close up of a black goose neck mixer tap on a marble benchtop with white kit kat tiles

We are selling dreams. We are selling a lifestyle that comes with the product.


Data has shown that emotional connections are the number one reason behind all purchasing decisions. The most effective 3d product renders (and photos) are those which tell a story. We want the viewer to imagine themselves relaxing in this bath in their new house reading their favourite magazine. We paint a picture in which they can insert themselves in to and establish an emotional connection. 

a 3d bathroom rendering of a white freestanding bath in a modern bathroom with polished concrete floor and white kit kat tiles
A 3d bathroom rendering of a white marble bathroom vanity with black mixer taps and above counter white basins

Insitu 3D Bathroom Rendering

We specialise in creating virtual environments tailored specifically to best showcase your product. With the bold dark lines of this shower head we made it stand out from its background by choosing a light coloured, small repetitive tile that helps to silhouette the product and draw the viewers eye. 

A 3d bathroom rendering of a black shower in a modern bathroom with white hexagonal tiles

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