3D Furniture Rendering

Bespoke 3D Furniture Rendering

We worked with bespoke furniture creators Casablanca Furniture to create these lux interiors to showcase their range of marble tables. The brief from Casablanca was to design and create a series of high end architectural spaces to compliment each unique table design. The challenge for this 3d furniture rendering project was to design unique spaces where the architecture and accompanying styling worked with each table whilst keeping the product as the focal point of each image.

Client / Designer:
Casablanca Furniture

3D Furniture Rendering

high poly 3d modelling, look development, stage/scene creation, 3d rendering, retouching


high quality 3d furniture rendering of a marble dining table in a Parisian style apartment

Our approach

The first step in our journey with Casablanca was to create their full range of tables as highly detailed 3d assets. We created custom marble textures from samples provided by the client. Once we had all the 3d assets complete we were able to explore each table so we could could get a sense for the best angles as well as their size and proportions. This helped us plan the next stage… designing the architectural spaces to house each table.

Architectural Set Design

We start each project with a series of mood boards and reference images. This indispensable process helps us to quickly visualise potential spaces and aids our design team with the creation of the roomsets.

high quality 3d furniture rendering of a marble side table

The importance of the humble mood board cannot be understated.

high quality 3d furniture rendering of a marble bedside table in a bedroom
Photoreal 3d furniture rendering of a marble side table shaped like a Martini glass

Insitu Lifestyle 3D Furniture Rendering

One of the key elements of creating a space specifically designed for a piece of furniture is proportion. Once we have established a look & feel for each space we typically begin sketching out the proportions as a basic block model in 3d. We add the table to the scene and begin exploring the scene and making small adjustments in order to create the best composition.

photoreal 3d furniture rendering of a marble coffee table in a living room scene

High Resolution Texture Creation

All of the tables are made from high quality imported Italian marble. Each one was unique so we needed to ensure that the marble texture was as accurate as possible. The client was able to get some high resolution photos of the marble slabs which we were then able to convert into textures. The key is to remove all visible tiling (repetition) and create a series of detail maps (reflection, bump. normal)  to add realism. Its quite a pain staking and laborious process but well worth it in the end.

photorealistic 3d furniture rendering of a marble dining table

Interior Styling

This was a really fun project for our interior designers as we had full creative control over the designs. Once we had established an overall look & feel for the project and each individual space it was time to fine tune each selection. This process was guided by each particular table design, being careful to make selections that perfectly complimented the product.

high quality 3d furniture rendering of a marble dining table in a modern apartment

Make it simple but significant.

Scenes tailored to the product

Some of the tables had beautiful curves and lines which we were able to subtly reflect in the architectural details of the backgrounds. One of the most important aspects of 3d furniture rendering is to analyse each piece of furniture in terms of shape and proportions and get a feel for which type of spaces it will look good in.

high quality 3d furniture rendering of a marble dining table in an architectural space with arches

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