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3D Kitchen Rendering

We decided to dedicate some time to perfecting our 3d kitchen rendering techniques. We used a warm, modern kitchen design by incredible Danish design studio Norm Architects as inspiration.

After seeing this amazing design we knew it would be the perfect reference to test and improve our 3d kitchen rendering skills. The challenge was to use a set of real life photos (without any plans or elevations) to recreate the scene from scratch. 

Client / Designer:
Norm Architects

3D Kitchen Rendering

high poly 3d modelling, lighting, styling, 3d rendering, retouching


3d kitchen rendering of a modern kitchen featuring grey cabinetry and an oak dining table and chairs

Our approach

The first step in our creation process was to analyse the photography and attempt to reverse engineer the scene from what we could see and guess from the photography. There were only a few photos which didn’t show the entire space, so we had to do some detective work to figure out what the rest of the room looked like. We did this by analysing the light and shadow in order to ascertain where the windows, openings and walls were. From there we were able to sketch out the space and begin modelling.

Room styling

We used the original photography as a guide to select fixtures and accessories from our vast library of 3d assets. 

A 3d kitchen rendering of a modern kitchen with an oak dining table and chairs, a white pendant and grey cabinetry

Good composition is like a suspension bridge – each line adds strength and takes nothing away.

Action Cameo Renders

We modelled every element of the kitchen in high detail so that we could open drawers and cabinets in order to capture these interesting ‘action shots’.

a 3d kitchen rendering close up of an open drawer with some books on the benchtop above

3D Kitchen Rendering – Tapware Colourways

As well as creating a series of superbly photorealistic 3d kitchen renderings, we wanted to demonstrate our capability of creating insitu lifestyle colourways for these kitchen mixer taps. These sorts of images are also commonly used as 3d product renderings. So we created 4 highly detailed, photorealistic materials that are quickly and easily interchangeable and rendered out 4 different versions of the same tapware.

  • a 3d kitchen rendering colourway of a black kitchen mixer tap
3d kitchen rendering of an oak dining table and chairs with chopping board and mug

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