3D Product Images

Photoreal 3D Product Images of Heating Products

Bromic Heating is recognised around the world as having revolutionised outdoor heating. Bromic approached us to regularly create some lifestyle scenes featuring their designer heating product range. These are just a few from the many 3d product images we have created for Bromic. We always have a lot of fun with these scenes as we are given a lot of creative control over the set design, styling, composition and lighting.

Client / Designer:

3D Product Images

high poly 3d modelling, look development, stage/scene creation, styling, 3d rendering, retouching


3d product image of a wall heater in a modern room with a soft grey lounge chair and oak side table

Our approach

We wanted to design a series of spaces that would compliment each heater design whilst being careful to maintain the product as the ‘hero’ of the image. We used a mix of techniques such as colour, contrast, focus and composition to ensure the heaters were the focal point.

Lifestyle 3D Product Images

The background scenes that we designed were carefully constructed so as to provide inspiration to architects and specifiers as to the usage types for the products and to provide a glimpse into how they look when installed.

3d product image of a well heater in a funky cafe with a turquoise wall and large yellow pendant light

Design is where science and art break even.

3d product image of a pair of outdoor wall heaters in a residential alfresco space with white dining setting and outdoor kitchen


One of the many great things about 3d product rendering is that we have virtually zero constraints. Whilst the primary purpose of these scenes was to showcase the heating products in a aesthetically beautiful spaces, we also had to be mindful of certain constraints such as where the heaters could be installed, distance from the ground, ventilation and more.

Concept Design

One of the many use cases for Bromic’s heaters and one of their larger target markets, is cruise ships. We designed, modelled and styled this cruise ship balcony from scratch specifically to demonstrate this particular product. Everything down to the dimensions of the doorways and balustrades was tailored to suit the product.

3d product image of ceiling heaters on the balcony of a luxurious cruise ship

Environment Design

As well as internal and alfresco spaces we also designed several outdoor areas for this project. One of the challenges of CGI environment design is the vegetation. Often many thousands of trees and plants are used in one scene.

3d product image of a black freestanding outdoor heater over an outdoor living area with green hills and lake in the background

3D rendering doesn’t suffer the same limitations as the real world. Gravity, physics and building costs are inconsequential.

Hospitality 3D Product Images

Our interior design team jumped at the opportunity to design several hospitality spaces. These included restaurants, bars and hotels.

3d product image of wall mounted outdoor heaters in a bar overlooking the water

Residential Background Scene Design

Our clients Bromic wanted to show the versatility of the product which can be used in a wide variety of applications. So we created scenes in commercial, residential and hospitality spaces in order to display the adaptability of the product range.

3d product image of 4 ceiling heaters in an outdoor living space overlooking the ocean
3d product image of 3 ceiling lights in an outdoor alfresco are of a luxurious waterfront home

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