Beauty 3D Renders

We created a series of 3d renders for Züri’s range of natural beauty products.

Bright colours and interesting abstract background set design was the focus for this suite of 3d visuals. The client came to us initially for white background studio 3d renders and after seeing some of our other work decided to let us flex our creative muscles with some more interesting stylised imagery.

Client / Designer:

Beauty 3D Product Rendering

high poly 3d modelling, look development, stage/set creation, 3d rendering, retouching, 3d animation, fluid simulation


Our approach

After seeing the fun, colourful packaging design for the products our creative team felt that the renders should carry through that vibrant, fresh, natural look & feel. The 3d renders were going to be used across several marketing platforms to compliment Züri’s brand message.

Studio 3D Renders

For these studio shots we let the elegant, simple and colourful packaging speak for itself. We created a neutral background with soft lighting and central framing with enough space to allow for the different functions of the product to be clearly seen.

First impressions are everything. Studio renders can make or break an ecommerce website.

Stylised Marketing 3D Renders

Standard white background studio shots are great…. but typically only on the shop page of a website. For most other marking platforms (social media, print ads etc) its important to have imagery that stands out and captures the viewers attention. The idea behind these abstract 3d renders was to create several still life artworks which revolve around the products.

Still life product renders

By creating a more interesting an unusual scene we are able to capture viewer attention for longer. As people comprehend the image they instinctively move their eyes across the image and ‘compute’ the contents. This helps with brand awareness and also sets a tone for the products and company.

Attention is the rarest and purist form of generosity.

Stand Out. Tell a Story.

63% of social media is made up of images. On some platforms such as instagram this percentage is even higher. So if you are utilising social media in your marketing its vitally important that you get the images right. They should tell a story about your product and your brand. So what story do you want to tell?

Fluid Simulation

We experimented with some fluid simulations where we dropped a serum bottle into a paint-like liquid. The beauty of doing this digitally is that there is no mess, no wasted paint and we can change colour, thickness, viscosity of the paint in an instant to get the perfect splash!


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