3D Product Photography

3D Product Photography: Blender Renders!

We worked with startup portable blender brand Zestee to produce a range of marketing assets for their Australian product launch. The brief was to create a series of vibrant, high quality 3d renders and animations for Zestee’s premium portable blender. Our challenge was to compliment the minimalistic branding whilst adding a touch of flare and colour to the 3d product photography.

Client / Designer:
Zestee Blenders

3D Product Photography

high poly 3d modelling, look development, stage/scene creation, 3d rendering, retouching, 3d animation, VFX, video editing


Our approach

Being a premium product with great branding, we wanted to compliment the minimalistic aesthetic in both the renders and the animation.  Zestee were able to loan us several sample products which we then modelled in fine detail. Having a high quality 3d asset allows us to get up close and personal and explore the product from all angles. As we do for almost every project, we began by gathering a set of reference images and mood boards. We then started to piece together a storyboard for the animation and experimenting with light and composition.

3D Product Photography Pack Shots

Prior to launch, Zestee had no high quality product photography whatsoever, so they needed a full suite of marketing assets to use on their website, social media and advertising campaigns. Pack shots are a great way to showcase what people can expect to get when they buy a product. And when you have a great box design like this its a good way to build brand awareness.

3d product photography packshot of a black portable blender and its packaging

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

3d product photography of a white portable blender with studio white background
3d product photography of a stainless steel portable blender with studio white background
3d product photography of a black portable blender with studio white background

Studio 3D Renders

Zestee’s portable blender comes in 3 colourways (white, black & stainless steel). To achieve high quality studio shots its important to paint with light. The placement of highlights and shadows is how we define the subject matter. Once the scene is setup, we are able to generate the different colourways whilst keeping the lighting and camera angle precisely the same. This allows for perfectly consistent and comparable product shots.

3d product photography of a black portable blender suspended in mid air and exploded with a green background

Stylised Backgrounds

We designed and modelled a series of minimalistic, stylised backgrounds to feature the blenders in. By experimenting with colour we were able to find the best palette for the overall brand and also for each individual colourway.

3d product photography of a black portable blender on a white plinth

3D Product Animation

We produced a short 3d animation (at the top of the page) which Zestee wanted to use on their home screen. As their branding is monochromal, we wanted to add a splash of colour so that web viewers are instantly captivated when landing on their homepage. We also wanted to showcase the simplicity of how the product works so we created one sequence of the blender ‘exploding’ out into the 3 parts to emphasise that its easy to use and clean.

Web site visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video.

A splash of colour

Images with a single dominant hue receive approx 17% more likes than images with multiple dominant colours. So its important to keep things relatively simple and don’t mix too many colours in to the image. A minimal background scene with a single complimentary colour helps the image stand out and also the product to stand out from its background. For more data on 3d product rendering, check out our article on ‘High Performance Visuals‘.

3d product photography of a stainless steel portable blender with a blue background
3d product photography of a white portable blender with a purple background
3d product photography of a black portable blender with a green background

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