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3D Product Shots

Audio Tech 3D Product Shots

We created a series of studio 3d product shots for Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay headphones. B&O headphones are synonymous with quality and style. Our aim with the project was to explore their unique design aesthetic and create a series of images that invoke the brands values and the products key selling points. 

Client / Designer:
Bang & Olufsen

3D Product Shots

high poly 3d modelling, look development, stage/scene creation, 3d rendering, retouching


3d product shot of black beoplay headphones from close up with green background

Our approach

In order to create beautiful imagery, its essential to first explore and examine your subject. We wanted to use a mix of close-up detail shots, lifestyle shots and more pulled back abstract compositions. In order to truly probe every small detail of the product we first needed to create a highly detailed, physically accurate 3d model.

High Poly Modelling

Our highly skilled modelling team used a mix of technical drawings and photography to create a meticulous recreation of the product. As you can see in this wireframe image, the polygon modelling is flawless, which provides our shading and lighting artists the perfect base to work from.

3d product shot 3d modelling wireframe of beoplay headphones

3D modelling is an artform that requires fastidious attention to detail.

3D Product Shots – Colourways

The headphones come in several colourways, so the next step was to explore the various combinations and play around with light, shade and composition. In the process, we created these colourway shots which demonstrate all of the colour options. Check out our more in depth page on colourways and other 3d product rendering options.

  • 3d product shots colourway dark beoplay headpones
3d product shot of 3 beoplay headphones next to each other. Colourway 3d product render

Development Phase

After much testing, exploration and development we decided upon a somewhat abstract ‘floating’ style shot with slightly accented coloured lighting atop a desaturated coloured background. As is often the case, some of our favourite moments from this project occurred during this development phase.

3d product shot rendering of bang & olufsen beoplay headphones
close up 3d product shot render of beoplay headphones

“There is no magic in magic. It’s all in the details” – Walt Disney

Close-up Detail 3D Product Shots

One of the many things that sets Harp apart from other CGI studios is our obsession with life like detail. In order for our virtual cameras to be able to get right up close to any subject, we create our 3d models and shaders (the materials and textures applied to the model) in superb detail.

3d product shot of brown beoplay headphones

Lifestyle Shots

As well as a series of studio images, we wanted to showcase the headphones in some more realistic settings. So we designed 2 stylised lifestyle scenes which add context, scale and a sense of proportion to the product.


3d product shot of brown and white beoplay headphones in a field of clovers with apple keyboard and mouse
3d product shot of pink beoplay headphones on a blue fabric creased background

Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.

As well as the hero shots, colourways, close-up details shots and lifestyle images, we wanted to build a small content bank of additional compositions that showed off unique and interesting angles of the product that may not have been seen before. These supplementary content shots augment the user experience and help to start conversations between a brand and their buyers.

3d product shot abstract falling 3d render of beoplay headphones CGI
3d product shot side view of brown beoplay headphones
3d product shot close up of brown beoplay headphones with brown background
3d product shot of black beoplay headphones with green background

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