Architectural Visualisation

Architectural visualisation of contemporary boutique interiors within a grand, historical building.

The modern interior of this apartment is designed to compliment the classical origins of its outer shell. An ode to European architecture and interior design utilising an elegant and sophisticated palette of finishes and fixtures. 

Client / Designer:
Mist Apartments

Architectural Visualisation

high poly 3d modelling, texturing, styling, 3d rendering, retouching, 3d animation, VR


Our approach

We wanted to showcase this particular design with a warm, natural look and feel. And because the design has so many incredible ‘moments’ within it we wanted to create a series of vignette’s which highlight the key architectural features and focus on the intricate materiality of the project.

External Architectural Renders

The beautiful Parisian facade was a must-have for this set of renders. It provides a spectacular context for the internal shots and sets the tone for the entire project.

Architecture is inhabited sculpture.

Interior Architectural Renders

Our interior design team spent many enjoyable hours playing around with furniture and accessories to suit each space. We maintained the neutral colour palette with splashes of colour here and there.

Vignette Composition

With some many luxurious spaces and fantastic view lines we were able to come up with lots of great camera angles from each space. The idea behind the ‘vignette’ style compositions is to keep the images relatively uncluttered and focus on the key features of the space. Vignette style renders are a great way to ‘sell the dream’ and helps potential buyers picture themselves in that space, living that life. 

3D Architectural Animation

We created this short animation for the project. Given the minimalistic, luxurious design our aim was to reproduce thiat feeling with the animation. Slow, subtle, deliberate camera movements and thoughtful compositions.

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Kitchen 3D Renders

As we all know, the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in any home. Behind the external hero shot, a great kitchen 3d render is probably the most essential render you can have for your project.


As with a lot of things in life, the devil is in the details. We study the real world in great detail so that we can painstakingly recreate it in a digital form. The human eye is incredibly adept at picking CGI from real photos. So in order to produce believable photorealism we must include mimic the real world and all of its detail. And the real world is full of imperfections such as dust, scratches, wrinkles and blotches! So part of our process in creating photoreal 3d renderings is adding imperfection into our scenes.


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Virtual Reality and interactive 360 photo tours are a highly engaging way to showcase a home. We created a virtual reality 360 photosphere of the living / dining / kitchen space. Please click on the below image and take a look around. It works best in full screen!

Light Study

As part of the 3d animation, we created this interesting sequence showing the lights turning on in in the building from bottom to top and back down again.

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