3D Rendering Prices.

Project Specific Pricing:

Harp’s 3d rendering prices are tailor made for performance and return on investment.

At Harp we work with you to create tailor made solutions based on a comprehensive analysis of your marketing strategy, your brand and your product. Our aim is to create highly successful imagery that perfectly compliments your overall strategy and delivers results. We would love to be able to have a set price list that we could display here and send out to all new enquiries. It would make our lives so much easier! But if we did that, we would be doing our clients a major disservice. By personalising every project and analysing it’s unique requirements we are able to provide performance driven solutions, better value and incredible outcomes.

If you have a project in mind, we would love to hear about it. Give us a call or an email with a brief description of your project and we’ll take it from there.

3d rendering prices explained:

Unfortunately we can’t provide definitive pricing without diving a little deeper into your specific requirements, but we’d love to share some more info below which might help answer a few of your questions:

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