The Architectural Rendering Leaders.

The 3d rendering studio with qualified architects.

When looking for a 3d rendering studio to showcase a project in the best possible light, you need people who truly understand the intention and nuance of architecture, and who have all the skills you need, under one studio roof.  This translates into the best possible result for creating a compelling connection between a development and its intended customers.



A wealth of experience in high quality large and boutique developments

Harp has a rare edge – we have all the highly specialised skills required to work on leading-edge architectural projects in-house: 

  1. A team of specialists: we’ve assembled a team of brilliant, passionate and experienced CGI specialists, including designers, photographers, stylists, modellers, lighting artists, surfacing artists, animators and retouchers. Infusing these combined skills into every stage of a project allows us to deliver incredible results for our clients in a way outsourcing simply cannot achieve. 

  2. An architectural lens: Our 3d rendering artists are qualified architects, providing for significantly more accurate visualisation of projects in the design development phase. That means careful design refinement and simpler, cleaner and more intentional collaboration. And of course a superior end product. 

This two-pronged approach of in-house specialists and the ability to view a project with a sound understanding of the architectural design intent allows us to create renders which are a cut above. 

If you’re ready to meet or just find out more, get in touch with us here. And you can learn more about our full suite of services, team and studio here

“An architectural skillset is essential for understanding the ideal image composition for property marketing. We explore all the angles to highlight a project’s design in the best possible light.”

Property Marketing Imagery:


Architectural visualisation with elegant marketing intent

We understand the significance of outstanding renders in the context of the whole project’s success. Taking time to understand the intended clients for a development – whether large scale or boutique – is baked into our process. We work with our clients to ensure our visualisations fit with your overarching marketing strategy (if you’re ready to chat more about how we do this, we would love to hear from you). 


Paired with our overarching and deep design knowledge is a deep understanding of the nuances of an architectural design that create an emotional connection with the intended target market. Our team understands (and dare we say have!) style. Every nuance and detail is considered and reviewed with your brief top of  mind to convey the quality, luxury and attention to detail of a project.

Not only that, we get that the way imagery is delivered is crucial for efficient asset creation. You will receive the images in the way you need them – format, size and consideration of your marketing and branding collateral requirements. 

Our Services:


All key rendering skills in one studio

In the world of property marketing, there are architectural renders… and expertly crafted aspirational images which feel alive and evoke the right emotions with the right buyer. We create the latter. Our clients comment that our interior renders meet and exceed the expectations of a brief in a way that in fact increases the project value in the eyes of the market, and boosts engagement. We offer the full scope of services including:

  • External Architectural Rendering (“hero shots”)
  • Interior Architectural Rendering
  • Vignette 3D Renders
  • Colour Schemes
  • Architectural 3d Animation / Film
  • Virtual Reality / VR / 360 Photos

To learn more about these services, you can reach out here. And for more detail of how each of these services work  – check out our article on architectural rendering.

“We don’t sell apartments or houses … we sell lifestyles. Emotional connections are what sells property”.

Our Process:


An efficient and enjoyable process

We have invested significant time into our processes and refined them to create an experience which is not only efficient, but enjoyable. Our processes also have flexibility ingrained – meaning that we don’t get bogged down with revision fees, and we can work with you in the way you prefer; whether that’s digital, or on a moleskine notebook and with a fineliner pen. We take pride in effective communication that allows us to collaborate efficiently and effectively to stay on track for a brilliant final delivery. You can download our guide to learn more about our process, or drop us a note and a member of our team will be in touch!

The Harp Experience:


The Harp experience

From end to end (and until we work with you on your next project and beyond), our team is dedicated to creating a personable and personalised experience – being organised and efficient doesn’t mean we can’t create a fulfilling collaborative experience —  where you know your brief is being met point by point, design element by design element, through to a delivery which will delight. 

If you’re ready to speak to a member of our team about an upcoming project, we’d love to hear from you

Or explore more about Harp and our services here.

Architectural rendering case study:


Architectural visualisation of a boutique apartment.