3D Rendering


Harp Collective is an Australian based 3d rendering studio servicing clients in Sydney & New South Wales. Our talented team of experienced 3d artists are experts in 3d product rendering, architectural rendering, 3d animation & virtual reality.

3D Rendering Services Sydney:

3D Product Rendering

Studio 3d Renders
Lifestyle 3d Renders
Room Set Design
360 Turntables
3d Animation
Technical 3d Visuals

Architectural Rendering

Exterior Architecture Renders
Interior Architecture Renders
3d Animation (fly-through)
360 Photospheres
Virtual Reality
Colour Scheme Variations
Masterplans / Streetscapes


Virtual Reality (VR)
Augmented Reality (AR)
360 Photospheres
Interactive Tours
Product Configurators

Harp 3D Rendering Studio:

We work with design driven Sydney creatives in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Property Development, Branding & marketing. We specialise in creating world class photoreal 3d renders that tell a story and evoke emotion. We are visual storytellers. 

We’ve assembled a team of brilliant, passionate and experienced designers, photographers, stylists, modellers, lighting artists, surfacing artists, animators and re-touchers. Each one is an expert in their field. We utilise this combined skill throughout each stage of every project to deliver incredible results for our clients.


3D Rendering Sydney Case Studies:

A 3d rendering of a black track light product by efficient lighting systems

Wood Room.

3D product renderings for bespoke Australian furniture designers


A range of 3d product images and lifestyle scenes featuring Bromic’s designer heating product range

A 3d rendering of a black track light product by efficient lighting systems


Architectural Visualisation of a boutique apartment

& Olufsen

Abstract 3d product shots, 360 turntables, close-ups & colourways of B&O’s Beoplay headphones

See all projects

Who we help:


We connect design centric brands to their customers through high quality CGI 3d rendering. We aim to form long lasting, mutually rewarding and enjoyable relationships with all of our clients. We work with brands from a wide variety of industries and locations.


We work alongside agencies as a seamless branch of their creative team. Our experienced team is able to smoothly fit into any production pipeline and provide 3d rendering expertise and creative advice when required. 

Architects & Designers

3D rendering has become an integral tool for most designers (architectural and otherwise). We work closely with design teams to explore your design and find those breathe-taking angles that accentuate the significant design features. By creating stunning architectural renderings we assist the everyday person to truly appreciate the artistry and beauty of the building.

Property Developers

At Harp, we work with property developers to create stunning architectural visualisations of their project that motivate and impress potential buyers. We create bespoke solutions that outperform your competitors and provide incredible value for money. We have successfully delivered hundreds of projects for hundreds of clients, large and small.


Photoreal 3d renderings allow you to bring your product to market earlier and provide a cost effective method for design analysis before producing the real world product itself. We use science, data and statistics to create high performance visuals that create increased leads, greater sales and higher engagement for your product. We are experts in strategic image making.

3d rendering sydney interior 3d render of a modern architectural living room with marble coffee table, sofa and fireplace.

Sectors we work in:


We specialise in producing photorealistic 3d product renderings for brands and manufacturers of any type. We help our clients fast track their marketing workflow by providing cost effective and efficient visual assets for their campaigns.


We work with automotive brands to create highly detailed photoreal 3d renders of vehicles and parts. 3d rendering is the most cost effective solution and provides an incredible return on investment.


At Harp, we love to work on residential architectural renderings. Our team consists of talented architects and stylists who are passionate about design and style. 


We have worked on multiple commercial projects of varying sizes. From small office fitouts to shopping centres we can create high quality, photorealistic 3d renderings that will deliver results for your project.

Architectural Products

We work with a lot of brands that provide products to the architectural market. Kitchens, bathrooms, doors, windows… you name it. Our talented designers can design virtual room sets to cost effectively showcase your products without building a thing.

Furniture Renders

We enjoy working with furniture designers to create photoreal 3d renderings of their products in both studio environments and lifestyle scenes. Our team will analyse your brand and recommend the optimum 3d rendering services for your project. 

Some of our clients:

Architectural / Property

Development WA
Hames Sharley
Hillam Architects
Plus Architecture
MJA Studio
Space Collective
ABN Group
Coast Homes
Milieu Creative

Brands / Products

The Wood Room
Sarah Ellison
Human Scale
April Ford
Sea to Summit
Feel Good Inc

“Loved working with the amazingly talented team at Harp. Clear communication, excellent creative ideas & the end results delivered on time as promised. Could not speak highly enough of everyone involved in our project.” 

– Nadija, Zestee Blenders

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